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Shadow Era TCG Multiplatform Hack

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Shadow Era TCG Review

Shadow Era is a new CCG (collectible card game) just like genre stalwart Magic: The collecting. I don’t tell this as a bad thing, quite the opposite surely. It’s automatically comfortable to those of us aware of the game, but different sufficient to never feel such as a copycat. if truth be told it’s surely quite different, and in markedly good ways. It’s absolutely inspired by games like Magic but make no error, Shadow Era is its own game – and quite a good one at that.

In Shadow Era you’ll be using a deck of cards with a countless abilities to attack your opponent’s health until one of you reaches zero. To set out, you’ll select a hero card to play as. Each one has unique hit points and skills, and is face up on the table at all times. The hero you select will dictate which sorts of cards you can have in your deck. For example, if you play as a wizard you’ll have cards that are more often spells and not melee type attacks.

You’ll draw 6 cards to set out and the game will embark. Each card has a casting strength, which is the Magic equivalent of Mana cards. One of my favorite elements to Shadow Era is how it ditches these otherwise valueless cards and goes with a completely different system of resources. Once per turn you are able to “sacrifice” any one of your cards into a resource stack. the amount of cards in that stack shows you how much power you can invest every turn. The stack creates up as you add to it, so while it’s weak early on later in the game you’ll be able to play lots cards per turn.

Some of the cards are pure attack cards (deal X hurt to Y), a few are items to give you additional bonuses like drawing additional cards, and a few are allies that take position next to your hero, and are able to attack and protect. wise use of all of these different forms of cards is vital to winning, but that surely just comes with practice.

I was shocked at how rapidly I was sucked into the Shadow Era world. I can previously tell I’ll be playing this game for quite a few time, and that’s surely a testament to both the game design and the distribution design. The card art is gorgeous for the most part, and the visual effects when the cards attack and cast spells are wonderfully sharp. Everything about it surely looks marvelous.

The game is free to download and play on the iPhone, iPad, and even in your web browser. You commit a free account and are able to originate, modify and save different decks that carry across all 3 platforms. Same goes for XP, level and in-game buys. purchasing a deck of cards on the iPhone signifies you’ll have access to the contents anywhere.

If my progress and decks were saved locally on each device, it would’ve been a logistical nightmare and I probable wouldn’t have enjoyed the experience at all. But knowing it’s all saved in the cloud says me it doesn’t count where I’m playing, either multiplayer or the single player campaign, I’ll be good to go. Speaking of multiplayer, it works impressively over the net and I was able to get into lots games with no trouble at all (though I did get my butt handed to me every time).

There are however some downsides to the game and system that require mentioning. Since everything is in the cloud, that signifies there’s no alternative to play the game offline. So those of us with iPod Touchs and non-3G iPads will require to connect to a wifi spot if we need to play, even single player. This is sort of a downer but produces sense given the setup, and I’d rather have it this way that have everything local and unsynced. The other issue I had playing was that the screen size on the iPhone was surely just too little to get the full enjoyment out of the game. deciding cards out of your hand and taking everything in was just a small too complicated. It’s still do-able and fun, but of the 3 platforms you can access Shadow Era on, this was my least favorite.

Buying digital cards by means of in-app buys feels bizarre if you haven’t done it before. You don’t surely know what you’re getting until you’ve paid cash, which might feel a small awkward to those unused to the world of CCG’s. It in addition opens up that bizarre world where whoever invests the most cash is the person that will probable have the absolute deck. The CCG by its markedly nature could be unbalanced, so if take your inventory deck into competition against somebody that’s reduced 20 bucks on card upgrades, in spite of how good you are you’re possibly in problem. That surely only comes into play if you plan on playing plenty of multiplayer even though.

I was initially unconvinced about how a CCG game would work in iOS, probably for the reason that I’d assumed that somewhere along the way they’d have messed up on the distribution model and just generated it a surely bad experience. Well they didn’t, and due to their good decisions and tiring job, we get Shadow Era, a portable CCG that’s well worth your time.

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