Sunday, March 24, 2013

World Of Warcraft Hack Tool


I. [Functions (Private)]

These functions must be used on Private servers only
(Never use it on live server !)

Overall speed: Modify all speeds (walking, running, swimming, flying, etc)
Speed: Running and swimming speed
(default = 7)
(100% = 14)
in percents: Display your speed in % (for example, if you put the speed to 14, it will display 100%. That mean Speed 14 = 100% epic mount)
Fly Mod: Allow you to fly
(default = 7)
(280% = 26.6)
(310% = 28.7)
Freeze Z: Allow you to walk at the same heigh without falling
NoClip 1: Your character can go through EVERYTHING (even ground). It’s higly advisable to use this function with Freeze Z or Fly mod.
Walk-on-water: Allow you to walk on water
Walk-under-water: Allow you to walk under water
Use mount in interior: Allow you to mount even in interior
Wallclimb: You can climb every mountains
NoCooldown: Remove the global cooldown on Spells (Instant cast and Spell without cooldownonly)
Walljump: Allow you to hang you on mountains (kind of wallclimb)
Multi-jump: Allow you to jump in the air
Super-jump: Allow you to jump higher
(Put the value you want in the Inputbox bellow)
Faction: Allow you to change of faction (You can attack player of your faction if they are PVP enabled on no-fixed server)
Unstuck !: Display a window in the foreground who allow you to unstuck you character if you are stuck by a spell (ex: Entangling roots)
Stop falling: Display a window in the foreground who allow you to stop your character falling.
TP Target (back): Teleport you in the back of your target (like rogues)
TP Target (Undermap): Teleport you behind your target and under the map. So you can attack them with spells or with ranged weapons (Be careful when you’re undermap, you can fall easily ! You should use the Freeze Z function)
Disable M2 collisions: Allow you to go through “objects” (trees, etc.)
Disable WMO collisions: Allow you to go though buildings
Noclip: Disable M2 + WMO collisions

Tracking: Allow you to track units on your minimap (like hunters) and to display ressources.

  • XYZ:

Activate XYZ: Allow you to teleport you character with the Numpad.
XYZ Speed: Teleport speed.

7: Up
9: Down
8: Forward
5: Backward
6: Rigth
4: Left

II. [Player]

(Client-side only)
(Work on live servers)

Alcohol: Make you drunk !
Titre: Display a title before your pseudo. You need to Disactivate/Activate your name in options to see it.
Emote on target: Play selected emote on your target (if no target is selected, emote is play on you)
Reveal the map: Reveal all the map (Don’t give any achievement and have to be reactivate after any loading)

  • Scale:

Scale +: Make you character bigger (with collisions)
Scale -: Make you character smaller (with collisions)
Scale: Character’s scale (without collisions)
Height: Heigth of your character (collision only)
Width: Width of your character (collision only)
Reset: Reset your original scale

  • Player:

Dead: Show your character dead (Clientside only)
Invisible: Make your character disapear (Clientside only)

  • Camera:

Spectate mod: Allow you to move your camera only (You can change the speed with the inputbox (Default speed: 40))
Noclip: Allow you to go through everything with your camera in Spectate mod.
Follow target: Allow you to put your camera on your target to follow her. Use arrows to turn around the selected target.
TP Camera (Private serv.): Teleport you to your camera (Private servers only !)

  • Time:

Hours: Set the hour of the game.
Minutes: Set the minutes of the game.
Speed: Set the time speed.

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