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Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders Hack

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Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders Review

At this point, I’d mention it’s pretty clear—the Sky Gamblers franchise is a enormous home run, one that never descends from the clouds… We were thrilled with Air Supremacy, and so when Storm Raiders launched, we couldn’t get our hands on it fast enough. You don’t want to have a WWII-enthusiast bone in your body to be pleased of what Atypical Games is selling in this one. The brilliant visuals, deft control schemes, and superb sound tracks are all back in action—and this time it all unfolds in stunningly-rendered WWII environments like Pearl Harbor, Midway, and more.

We’ve been through all of this before, but it bears replicating: You might think that flight sims are a genre better left to consoles and PCs, but making that argument would be a huge mistake. Ever since they hit us with the first installment, Atypical Games has been refining the formula that generates Sky Gamblers such a blast, and all of their progress has come to bear in Storm Raiders. Right from the get-go you can expect a slick user interface as you go about picking whether you’ll jump right into the campaign (warning, experienced players only…), try a couple of multiplayer, or do your due diligence and head for the tutorials… I’d suggest the latter, as it’s here that you’ll get a refresher about your possibilities for control schemes, and in spite of how splendid a gamer you are, it’s going to take a moment to get attuned to the minute movements that will make you a superior pilot.

While Storm Raiders offers many control schemes, which are all viable possibilities, I’d advise practicing till you can take FULL control of the aircraft with as small assistance as doable. This will provide you the liberty you crave—and undoubtedly need—once you’re thrust into a battle as intense and chaotic as Pear Harbor. Should you accept full control of the plane, a joystick on the reduce left of the screen will dominate acceleration, deceleration, and yaw, while you’ll use the device’s accelerometer to dominate turning and pitch. There are in addition buttons for placing the aircraft into overdrive, and for sure buttons for machine guns, missiles, torpedos, etc… Getting all these elements to work together takes a couple of serious coordination, but it’s definitely worth it once you experience the joy of a perfectly-executed takedown (or “frag,” as they’re called in the game).

With so much being indispensable of you to keep your plane cruising on the tail of the enemy, there’s a good opportunity you won’t fully appreciate the visuals right away. But take a second to do a free flight and you’ll rapidly realize that Atypical Games is keeping the Sky Gamblers franchise on par with the very absolute of what the App Store has to showcase. The lush environments are portrayed in crisp detail, and subtle touches like the ripple of the air or the trace streaks of machine gun fire heighten the experience beyond whatever we’ve seen recently. The quality of the visuals is specifically apparent if you’ve got the possibility of mirroring your device’s display by ways of AirPlay and projecting Sky Gamblers onto a huge screen display (talk about an ideal application for that technology…).

The only times you might “come down” from the high this game affords would have to be those moments where the laws of physics break. This can take place when you get roughly the area or other objects. We’re talking pretty simple glitches that don’t last more than a second, and there’s continually the opportunity that Atypical could address them in future updates.

We could have saved loads of time by just permitting you know that Sky Gamblers has more-than retained the five-star rating we gave Air Supremacy, but where’s the fun in that… The advancements are all in the details here, whether it’s the enormous fleet of WWII aircraft, the weapon choices, or even the historical precision of the missions, Storm Raiders delivers above and beyond what’s come before, and that’s saying something… $4.99 might seem such as a lot to buy a genre that gets small representation in the App Store, but Atypical Games has been doing this for awhile, and it’s time more people know about it. Get it now and take off training—those dogfights aren’t going to win themselves.

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