Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paysafecard Generator

Paysafecard Generator

Paysafecard Generator is the perfect code generator tool for all people who love online shopping. This free code generator is safe and easy to use, and for sure it will become the most popular paysafecard pin generator.

What if we say to you that is possible to buy things on the web without spending your money? … You will probably think… those guys are crazy, there is no such thing as “free shopping”… well, we are not crazy, and if you will use our Paysafecard Generator you will believe us.
This Paysafecard code generator, can provide you valid codes (PIN) for three currencies (USD,EUR,GBR) in four amounts (10,25,50,100). Don’t forget that the paysafecard codes can be combined, if you need more than 100.

Paysafecard Generator preview:


Paysafecard is an electronic payment method for online shopping, and is based on a pre-ay system. Paysafecard exist since year 2000, and it has origin in Vienna,Austria. Now has extended in many countries worldwide, exchanging cash for “Electronic Money”.

In order to pay in an online shop, you must enter the 16 digit number and the amount tendered is deducted from the Paysafecard balance. The same PIN code can be used up to ten times (for larger sums). So, instead of buying eVouchers with PIN codes, that transform real money in to electronic money, you can use our Paysafecard Generator to get electronic money without investing anything, and after that, to shop online as you like.
How it works: Easier than ever, download and run Paysafecard Generator, select currency and amount that you wish (by default, selected currency is USD and amount is 10), click “GENERATE”, wait a few seconds and….. Go shopping!
Paysafecard Generator uses microsoft .NET framework 3.0 or Higher, if you have trouble when you run’ it, please install latest version of microsoft .NET framework from HERE.

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