Sunday, March 24, 2013

Car Town Hack


About the Game

Car Town is a social network game and it is developed by Cie Games. The main objective of this game is to win the races and try to build a smart collection of cars, while the focus of the game is more on collecting them. In car town players can earn the necessary points by performing different jobs like car washing or by taking the challenges. They can also able to build their very own virtual garages with the service bays to do more and more job, hire and interact with friends or opponents in the game and buy new cars. Car Town lets any player to collect, customize, and race cars against other players in his or her network. Players are also able to customize the cars’ engines and build up the performance.

To get started, first of all any player needs to select a car. As it is the starting of his or her career, so there are just a few cars available to choose. These might not be his or her top choice, but it will help the player to do simple chores to earn some money. The players have also the option to sell it at a later time when they have available cars to sell. They can also customize their cars. Players can also hire employees to cope with the demand of services with the expansion of their garages. Each level will open up a slot or two to hire their friends. When the cars have enough performance points, players can also race with the friends or opponents and win prize moneys by beating them.

Car Town Hack

Car Town Hack is a free tool which can easily generate free coins and points in the Facebook Car Town game. It’s also safe and secure and players have no chance to get ban by using this hack tool as it has anti-ban feature. This tool has some unique features including proxy server, anti-ban system, two- browser’s support and so on. Car Town Hack program is very much easy to use and it is 100% free.

Speed Hack: This feature can speed up the car at a maximum level within few seconds. By using this feature players can easily defeat their opponents in any races.

Coins Hack: This is an amazing feature and by using it players can receive instant and unlimited coins only by a click.

Points Hack: This feature is able to increase the points and takes the players to the next level of the game.

How to use?

  • Download the Car Town Money Hack program

  • Save the file to the desktop and open it

  • Open the Facebook account and go to the Car Town application

  • Open the hack program and enter the amount of points and coins that anyone would like to add

  • Now click the start button and wait for 20 to 30 seconds to hack gets completed

  • Finally, refresh the page of the game from browser.

So, stop spending the money on Facebook credits as anyone can now have all he or she needs for free with this hack program.

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