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Battlefield 2 Hacks


Battlefield 2 Hacks

Don’t just settle for a Battlefield 2 Hack, but at AwsomeCheatsNetwork you get free access to all the hacks listed below. No other site offers such a great package. Our Battlefield 2 Hacks are the best in the world and all the hacks below feature aimbots, no spread, no recoil and 40+ other features. What are you waiting for? Download our hacks now!

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Aimbot Features:
Aimbot – Turns the aimbot on and off
Aim Modifier – Adjust the speed of aiming for the vector aimbot
Aim FOV – The FOV to aim at, adjustable up to 360 degrees
Aim Mode – Aim by distance, FOV or use the hacks Smart Aiming
Aim Type – Choose if you want to use the original Vector aimbot or the advanced Bone aimbot
Aim Bone – Choose which bone you wish to aim at
Auto Next Target – Choose if you want the hack to move onto another enemy after you have killed your current one
Inverted Mouse – Necessary if you are using an inverted mouse configuration

Calculate Trajectory – A State-Of-The-Art feature that uses advanced physics calculations in order to determine the exact location that a projectile will strike. This makes it possible to use the aimbot with the grenade launcher and many other heavy projectile weapons.

No Spread – This advanced feature will shake your gun in a pattern exactly opposite to the bullet spread making ALL of your bullets fly in a straight line.
Prediction – This feature automatically leads targets and accounts for bullet speed, lag, and many other factors.
Visibility Checks – Choose whether you want to aim at targets through walls or only when they are visible.
Vectors – The hack includes its own vector editor for use with the vector aimbot and includes many good aiming vectors

Hack Esp Features: – These features are built into the hacks code and are seperate from Game ESP
Nametags – Show players names through walls so you can identify them easily
Font Name – Choose which font you want the esp to use
Font Size – Choose the size of the font
Font Fade – Choose how much the font fades as enemies are farther away
Crosshair Tags – Choose if you want crosshairs to appear on players for optimum aiming
Tag Distance – Choose how far you want tags to show
Sphere Type – An incredibly advanced feature that will draw Blast Radius spheres around any dangerous object including Grenades, Claymors, and Artillery

Game Esp Features: – These features differ from the hack esp features in that they are built into the game but simply activated by the Battlefield 2 hacks.

Nametags – Shows name tags for all players all the time
Tag Distance – Choose how far you wish to see nametags
Kit Tags – Shows which class a player is
Distance Tags – Shows how far away a player is
Health Tags – Shows how much health a player has
Minimap – Shows all players on the minimap

D3D Features:
Chams Colors – You can choose your own colors for vehicles, players that are hidden and visible, and much more
Player Chams – Choose if you want enemies, your team, all players, or nobody to have chams. Chams allow you to easily identify players through walls.
Vehicle Chams – Choose if you want vehicles to have chams
Crosshair – Enables a custom crosshair for better aiming
View Distance – Disables all fog and increases the view distance so that you can see as much of the map as you want
Asus Wallhack
See Through Ground – Removes the ground
Wireframe – Turns everything into wireframe models
Zoom – Zooms in on any weapon

Removal Features:
No Sky – Removes the sky
No Fog – Removes all fog
No Tv Static – Removes the static on the TV Missle Screen in the Helicopter
No Nightvision Static – Removes static from night vision
Sniper Overlay – Removes the scope overlay on sniper weapons
No Tank Overlay – Enhances Visibility while in tanks

Winamp Control Features:
Volume Up
Voume Down

Misc Features:
Menu X – Adjust the menu position
Menu Y – Adjust the menu position
Quake Sounds – The hack will automatically play sounds when you are on kill streaks. You will hear “Monnsterrrr killlll” if you are really good.
Anti-SS – Automatically turns off all of the hacks features during Punkbuster Screenshots
Spoof Hardware – Spoofs your hardware id so that you cannot be hardware banned
Chat Spam – Spams the chat with pre-programmer messages
Date/Time – Shows the current date and time on screen
Save – Save your current configuration
Load – Load a saved configuration

That’s it, have fun hacking.

Battlefield 2 Hacks!

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